Hello! This is my first Ludum Dare game.

Made in 48h for the Ludum Dare Compo by Krzysztof





Your goal is to survive as long as possible in

Micro Space!

Gather resources, upgrade your ship and fight

alien ships!


Left: Select ship area, go-to, mine resource,

shoot etc.

Right: Used in Hull repair & Shield Recharge mini


1-5: Select Ship Area

F1: Restart

Make sure to keep an eye on fuel level and alien

portal timer.


Game-play mechanics


Gather resources / fuel.

Use resources to upgrade your ship.

Use the wormhole to quick travel between points on

the map or to avoid alien ships.

Survive the longest you can!

Select the ship area with the mouse (or keyboard

shortcut) to perform specific action:

Bridge - ship movement (click to create new

destination point). Your ship will first rotate

towards target using side thruster then will lunch

towards it using the main engine.

Beam - gather resources from asteroids; Once you

are in close proximity from asteroid - click on it

to activate the beam aiming system - click again

when outer ring overlaps the central ring to

successfully gather resources/fuel.

Comms - allows communication with nearby planet;

Once close to the planet click on it to open menu

with services available there.

Weapons - lets you aim and fire from turrets

installed on your ship; Aim with the mouse and

shoot with left click.

Shield / Repair - recharging shield / hull repair;

Once activated you will notice mouse icon in the

right bottom corner - follow left/right click

combination to fill the progress bar. When the

progress bar is full you will recharge/repair

parts of ship shield/hull. If you will make

mistake the process will restart.

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